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Thank you so much for stopping by and connecting with our new journey, letting us be part of yours too, assisting you with our heart-soul-mind selected products. We are a new company in this digital platform and in all social media, but we are not new in this Crystal World, coming from a foreign country with a family background and trajectory with mines and minerals, having soul connections with many colleagues, friends for many years in this industry, is the guarantee our products has competitive prices, without compromising the quality and the most important comes from trusted and fair suppliers we personally know. We strongly believe in the inner power of our inner self, we do respect every holistic, metaphysical, healing method, magic, technique, ancients or new energetic work is practiced nowadays. We personally and privately practice our own alternative healing methods in our space and life but, one of our business politics is based in NOT selling any product curated, programmed, reiki infused, or mentally guided because after many years of studies and experiences I finally understood that being in this business the “Free Will” must be a rule and is my way of love and respect to you. I believe that the amazing connection to guide, program or infuse any energy to your crystals, gems, stones should be handled only by YOU and for YOU. We all resonate and vibrate different, also we have different theories or experience feelings in different ways, so, I don’t allow myself to intervine in this sacred ritual of programming or infuse anything under my perception, but, I will happily give you all the supportive assistance in how to clean program, charge, infuse, create and any info you need for to keep your Journey on. I believe in your power and in your unique mission in this physical world as a divine and sacred creature of The Supreme Energy or God. The only energies our products will carry superficially from us, are the love, respect and admiration we had in the moment we got them, the fostering home love while staying with us until the time they are gonna arrive with their new and forever home and family (we are just a bridge between you and your new adoption), will carry the naturally alignment and energies of this healing place in the middle of the ocean plus some incense, palo santo, herbs aroma we are used to smudge our environment and life (that's inevitable). As soon as you have your Crystals and Tools with you they are completely ready to be cleaned, to receive your intentions, to be programmed, to charge it, recharge it, to be connected, aligned by and only with you. Our life journey brought us to the middle of the Pacific Ocean for to create Infinity Crystals and Tools, born here in Honolulu Hawai'i, a healing center vortex in the middle of this magical Sea, so from here, with all the aloha energies from Hawaii we would like to tell you: Enjoy as we are already so much :)

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